Navarra, an identity of its own. A reflection of the world.

Why Navarra?

Wide Range of Options

Navarra offers everything for the perfect getaway: culture, cuisine, nature and it’s close to the sea, the Basque-French coastline.

For everyone

Whether it’s a couple’s getaway, or a trip also including friends or family, Navarra and its surrounding areas will offer you the accommodation, transport, and activities to suit your needs.

Well Connected 

It is very well connected by train, plane and car. Close to interesting places such as San Sebastian, Bilbao, Biarritz, San Juan de Luz or La Rioja.



William Shakespeare

It’s not California. Neither is it Madagascar. It’s the Bardenas Reales Nature Reserve, the largest desert in Europe.

It’s not a square in a beautiful Italian village. It’s the Plaza del Castillo in Pamplona, the heart of the City, brimming with life and history.

It’s not Tuscany. It’s Navarra’s villages, country walks, and trails.

It’s not a palace enclosure among The Châteaux of the Loire Valley. It’s Roncesvalles in Navarra.

It’s not Times Square, but it is the most televised square in the world, as it broadcasts the ‘chupinazo’, which marks the beginning of the San Fermín festivities.

It isn’t a waterfall in Northern Thailand. It’s the Baztan Valley.

It is not French cuisine. It is our Navarre gastronomy.

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