Relaxation and energy for couples, with family or friends, before the big day.

PRE-WEDDING or EARLYMOON GETAWAYS have been a huge trend in Europe for a number of years now. Their purpose: to relax and recharge energy before the big day and to take the time to enjoy and really understand the significance of the moment they’re going to live, feeling renewed to face the big day.

Until a few years ago, all the money was spent on the honeymoon. Now there is a tendency (from Anglo-Saxon markets) to spend more on unusual/creative trips, on pre-wedding getaways, and even post-wedding getaways during the first year of marriage. These trips, being included in the wedding budget.

1. Trips for couples

The future bride and groom travel together, looking for a trip that enables them to recharge energy and have the time to discuss the wedding details, but that also offers them an attractive travel plan that is completely separate from their big “Honeymoon”

2. Trips with the family

The future bride or groom travels with their family. Families often treat the future bride or groom to a getaway all together before taking that huge life step that is marriage. They look for a destination that has everything, usually a getaway lasting 3-5 days.

3. Trips with friends

The future bride and groom plan a getaway before the wedding with their friends. They’re looking for a getaway, no particular destination (not just domestic, it can also include a package with a flight-time less than 2 hours), offering an activity plan or programme that is different from their day-to-day.